The bedrooms belonging to the Sistema Notte system are a mix of contemporaneity and originality. The materials used combined with the high quality of the processing techniques make this furnishing system unique. A modern piece of furniture for any age. Discover all the versions we offer and choose according to your tastes!







The Sistema Notte – 101 is a new contemporary bedroom. Its special wood grains highlight the originality and enhance its taste. The bedroom is in white ash wood, the bed is in white eco-leather, the sliding wardrobe features a white glass mixed with satin white finishing and ios wall mirror. Its up-to-date style is perfect for every taste and age!

A modern and elegant bedroom. Sistema Notte – 103 is unique and makes your room comfortable and refined. Its fluidity enhances the brightness and brilliance of the entire room. The furniture of the night area is lacquered grey ash wood, the sliding wardrobe allows to exploit the spaces in the best possible way and is characterized by satin ash-grey/ash-grey glass and ios wall mirror.

Sistema Notte – 108, a night furniture that makes your room elegant and delicate, creating a unique and romantic atmosphere. The ash wood furniture recalls tradition but the lines of the drawer unit and the night tables make it anything but classic. The contemporary style is found in the mirror wardrobe that, reflecting the daylight, intensifies the brightness of the whole room. For a more familiar environment, it is possible to use the light on the wall mirror, making the atmosphere even more romantic.

The sophisticated and original double bedroom is Sistema Notte – 110 , that stands out for its shapes and variety of materials. It's a bedroom characterized by a beautiful double bed and sliding wardrobe, with hemp larch finish and bronze mirrors. A modern and elegant night space. Its tenuous shades make it extremely delicate and romantic.

Sistema Notte – 114 is a unique design bedroom, characterized by a curious and relaxing wave effect with a contemporary look. In this medium elm wood bedroom, diva sliding wardrobe, dressers and night tables with elegant bronze mirrors lines and shapes are designed with great creativity. The particularity of the wave effect makes this bedroom even more modern and original.

Sistema Notte - 116 is a solution that recalls known but unique shapes at the same time, thanks to the curious wave effect. And it is just this effect that makes it particularly original and highlights the up-to-date modern style. The bedroom is medium elm wood and the bedframe is upholstered with light-grey fabric. Both features make the environment polished and sophisticated. The sliding wardrobe is lacquered grey ash wood with ash-grey glasses.

The Sistema Notte – 122 is an expression of elegance and softness, with an exclusive stile and unique design. In a harmonious environment, characterized by sinuous lines, details make the difference. The furniture of the night area is glossy white, with a white eco-leather bed, a sliding wardrobe with a white polished wave and smoky grey mirrors. This composition offers a contemporary environment that conveys romanticism and sophistication.

The double bedroom Sistema Notte – 124 with its natural colours and warm finishings for an essential and up-to-date line, creates a relaxing atmosphere. Medium elm wood double bedroom, with prism white eco-leather bed, diva medium elm wood sliding wardrobe and bronze mirrors. The mirror wardrobe reflects the light, making the environment even brighter. The modern and original style is also present in this night furniture solution.

Sistema Notte – 125 is a soft and smart bedroom system, with an exclusive style. In a harmonious and refined environment, details make the difference. The peculiarity of the wardrobe are the vertical waves that produce relax and harmony, in a room to be fully experienced. The drawer unit and the night table are essential and give a touch of simplicity, while not being banal.

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