Miami is a kitchen collection made up of various models. It can be customized according to your taste by mixing materials, finishes and elements. A kitchen that is both attractive and functional, ergonomically designed to adapt to the gestures of those working around it. It is a functional and welcoming space where you will really enjoy your time.






The Miami 01 version is a kitchen boasting an international design, where furniture plays two different roles, the functional and aesthetic roles, that are enriched by the personality of the people living around it. Space is arranged in a smart manner; columns and base units with simple-opening tilting door are well-balanced and improve daily operations. The cosy central island, concentrating the washing and cooking areas in one place, allows to enlarge the working surface and represents the connecting point between the kitchen and the living room, according to the latest trends in terms of lifestyle. This version of the Miami kitchen creates a welcoming and contemporary environment.

Miami 02 is the ideal combination of elegance, design and functionality. The working surface is extended thanks to the cosy peninsula which divides, together with the bookcase, the living area from the kitchen, arranging spaces smartly and creating continuity with the living room. The peninsula in oak finish perfectly matches the rest of the composition and is the ideal place to have breakfast or to prepare your dishes with friends or members of the family. The two built-in ovens found on the left side, along with the wide cabinet over the working area create a functional space with a contemporary look. A versatile geometry expressed by the juxtaposition of different finishes. Ideal for open spaces.

Miami 03 is the kitchen designed for a young and modern public, always ready for change. Technology and innovation are the keywords of this kitchen. Its strong identity due to the mix of straight and curved lines creates a unique and elegant effect. The project divides the operating area from the central island with a top in concrete finish, which allows more people to benefit from spaces simultaneously. The elegant lacquered cabinets contrast with the worktop and intensify the curved lines of the kitchen base. It is perfect for big spaces where you will organize parties for many guests. Its modern style and soft tinges establish a natural connection between the kitchen and the living area with no stylistic interruption. A dynamic and cosy place.

A single solution for two spaces.  Miami 04 boasts a wide worktop connecting the central island to the wall, where the modular shelves extend up to the living area. This version of the modern kitchen Miami is much contemporary: its oak finish and the Carrara marble top create a setting to be lived without pressures. The breakfast top links the living area and the kitchen with natural continuity, so that this space becomes a place to be enjoyed daily. Ideal for creative and free people, who can feel good everywhere.

The Miami 05, version can be customized according to your tastes and has nothing to envy to the other versions of the range: it is a modern and minimal kitchen, featuring a wide worktop and spacious open shelves that alternate with closed cabinets on the upper part and with big drawers on the base, producing a practical and dynamic environment. The worktop stretches out into a peninsula that is the ideal place for breakfast or appetizers. The wide spaces characterizing this version of the Miami range, engender a sense of cohesion between the living and kitchen areas: a modern open space with an original style.

Miami 07 is a modern kitchen fully exploiting spaces. It is a kitchen designed to maximize spaces: the left extractable column conceals a series of stainless steel shelves, to be used for your storage needs. The open shelves and cabinet doors colour on the upper part brakes the soft and balanced hinge of the lower part. Also thanks to the glossy black hood, the kitchen is elegant and modern, ideal for those who love a contemporary lifestyle. The built-in oven and the underlying suspended cabinet contribute to provide uniqueness and elegance to the kitchen.

The Miami 09 kitchen perfectly expresses modernity thanks to its curved lines and contemporary style. A kitchen that embraces life changes. A concept which modifies the domestic space thanks to a design introducing both rigorous linear elements and sinuous elements. Because life is never a straight line but a constantly evolving project.

The Miami 10 version is a two-colour modern kitchen which fully exploits spaces. Planned with an evolutionary design that can offer very flexible storage solutions: the outfitted baskets under the sink, the totally-extractable storage units including corners or the multifunctional block containing various baskets. This version of Miami is ideal for open spaces and suits those who live the kitchen in a functional and practical sense, without neglecting the aesthetic aspect.

Miami 12 is characterized by amazing chromatic combinations defining the active nuclei of the kitchen. The ergonomic washing and cooking areas create highly-functional spaces for a new kitchen concept. The straight lines are mixed with curved lines, conferring a strong personality and making the kitchen up-to-date and cosy. Each space is enhanced. Design and functionality coexist.

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