Daytona is the kitchen designed for those who live in the city, where life can be often frenzied. Our project puts people and relations at the centre of it. The design, the shades and materials of each single element provide this kitchen a high-quality aesthetic value and help creating welcoming and warm spaces, where one can prepare their food and eat, but also fully enjoy the time spent at home, with their dear ones and preferred objects. 
Calm, relax, but also relations and worldliness.






Daytona 01
Daytona 01 is one of the Daytona modern customizable kitchens that is part of the Urban Style category. Robust and functional worktops, perfectly-balanced open and closed spaces, a design table efficiently integrated to the independent island: the kitchen dimensions and layout can be varied but Daytona always offers solutions to mix elegance and functionality and put social relations at the centre. This solution features a valuable, never banal and always up-to-date aesthetic quality.

Daytona 02
The Daytona 02 version is a truly inspiring project. A highly-efficient hob, a performing hood providing fresh air: it's nice to cook and spend time in the kitchen, with all your tools and ingredients at hand. Design and invention are an integral part of each Daytona kitchen's personality. The door opens revealing movable shelves that wisely exploit corners, a space otherwise wasted or not easily reachable. A simple yet rational metallic support that completely frees the space underneath the table for an improved comfort of all tablemates. Cooking will no more be a duty, it will be turned into a very satisfying passion.

Daytona 03
Daytona 03, a modern kitchen characterized by simplicity: it is often all that we need. Handy and linear drawers and storage units. An informal shelving unit with a refined look. A wall unit with all the needed elements and a table to make it an eat-in kitchen. Spaces are totally exploited and they exhibit and enhance each single object. Ideal for open spaces and when many friends are around.

Daytona 04
Daytona 04 is a modern kitchen paying attention to each single detail or element that can improve the user's well-being. This version, more elegant and classy, makes any environment an example of refined style rich in design. A kitchen that is always contemporary and up-to-date. The kitchen is where our daily routine takes place: breakfast, lunch, dinner, family meetings, welcoming of guests. This version of the Daytona programme is meant to be enjoyed day by day. The contrasting dark elements exalt its brightness and gleam.

Daytona 05
The Daytona 05 version has specific stylistic intentions: from chairs to handles, from tops to shelves, each element is essential, nothing more than what is needed. Since elegance doesn't like excesses. Kitchens have their own character and personality. The Elegance version of the Daytona model pays tribute to femininity, a mix of rationality and unpredictability, sensitiveness and scrupulousness, creativity and style. The cooking area is simple and practical, therefore highly functional. The wall unit is roomy but light thanks to a dark-light, empty-full game which makes it unique.

Daytona 06
The Daytona 06 version is organized around the roomy and resistant stainless-steel sinks, built to last over time and the technological hob, which is easily washable. The shelves surrounding them are essential and all the furnishings can be enriched by items that help you arrange and store your kitchen accessories, spices and ingredients. This kitchen is an extraordinary furnishing solution, useful and cosy, elegant and versatile. It's the most "visited" place in the house: you spend time there every day, every hour for many reasons. Daytona 50 is a mix of few lines, alternating colours and contrast colours.

Daytona 07
Daytona 07 is the right answer to modernity and it is impossible not to notice it. You will feel at ease thanks to its innovative elements such as the induction hob. The partition wall system separates and connects the various areas, offering you the space to show your objects or store your books and design elements. A kitchen favouring well-being rather than luxury. Behind each door and drawer, there is a set of smart ideas and solutions ready for you.

Daytona 08
Daytona 08 intends to provide your kitchen with a more informal look, where everything is in the right place thanks to a proper combination of positions, colours and aesthetic value. The time passed in this modern kitchen is never lost! Every function is well-arranged so that you comfortably cook, store your tools, or sit around the table A naturally fluent context where everything is at hand and in the right place. It takes less time, less efforts so that you can do more things. And you can spend more time with your family, cooking or simply chatting, sharing the happiness of a breakfast, lunch or dinner or other activities.

Daytona 09
Daytona 09 is the modern kitchen where cooking and relaxing pleasingly coexist: you will carry out your daily activities with the opportunity to meet and chat with other people. The style of this model is ideal when the living area meets the kitchen, thanks to the special attention for decorations and design, found in the tempered glass table support or in the relief frame of the drawers. Daytona offers you comfort, ease and full storage capacity. Always taking into account the visual impact! With two corner wall units you get the best with the minimal amount of space.



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