Siviglia is a traditional kitchen with modern touches according to the typical Made-in-Italy style; it's very spacious: the perfect place to comfortably prepare your dishes. Various colours are available, from the lightest ones providing an elegant and refined look to the strongest colours which will highlight your kitchen's character. A kitchen with a thousand shades for any taste! It suits wide rooms offering comfort, handiness and hospitality. Each version provides a unique emotion which is inevitably connected to tradition.






Siviglia 04 is a traditional modular solid wood kitchen, with a classical style. The particular finishings, the contrast of colours with the hood and the undeniable detachment from the living room furniture make it original and unique in its kind. This version of the Siviglia model is particularly functional, thanks to the medium-height recessed oven and full space utilization. A country kitchen with modern features, for every age and taste!

The Siviglia 22 version is a traditional modular kitchen. It stands out for its tenuous colour which gives elegance and sophistication. This kitchen occupies a wide space, in order to exploit a potential open space as well as possible. It is perfect for those who want to create a link between the kitchen and living room. The little glass doors are the main feature of this kitchen. The decorated handles and the particular finishings, together with the colour of this version, give harmony and refinement to the whole environment. A kitchen for those who love feeling like home!

Among Spar's classic modular solid wood kitchens, Siviglia 30 is the one that makes your house country, elegant and sophisticated. This kitchen is characterized by tenuous colours that will give your house a naturally traditional style. The spaces are used thinking to the needs of those who live in. Every compartment can be used to place food or utensils, in order to start to work quickly. A functional and comfortable kitchen! Perfect to welcome your friends on a relaxing Sunday.

Siviglia 42 is a classic modular kitchen, with a strong character. A traditional solid wood kitchen. It stands out from the other models of the collection thanks to its imperious character. A kitchen that never loses its style. The structure expands towards the living space. The suspended furniture with different compartments hidden behind the little glass doors allow to store your dishes and porcelains, for a practical and functional kitchen. The handles and finishings embellish this classic kitchen and confer a touch of elegance and refinement.

Siviglia 46 is a classic modular solid wood kitchen. This version of the model is a perfect sample of the taste and elegance characterizing the entire collection. A kitchen to be fully experienced, in order to appreciate every single space. The tenuous colours of the furniture, together with the handles, make it a unique traditional kitchen. The recessed corner oven gives originality to the structure. Its position close to the cooking area and the extension of the worktop on the right, make it practical and efficient. A perfect kitchen for a dinner with friends or family, on a relaxing day.

Siviglia 62, a traditional solid wood kitchen, extremely spacious and elegant. It makes the environment comfortable and refined, with a touch of vintage. It is a country kitchen with modern features, for a perfect “made in Italy” style. Very spacious, thanks to the central island. Thanks to the extended worktop, it is perfect for preparing you dinners comfortably. The oven placed at the centre gives an informal character to this traditional kitchen. Some guests sitting around the island, a coloured tablecloth and a fresh baked cake are the perfect elements to enjoy the simplicity of this kitchen and feel like home.

Country corner kitchen: Siviglia 70 is a lively coloured version, with design inserts that create a unique and harmonious atmosphere. It is a classic kitchen, perfect for those who love a unique style, with a touch of modernity. Perfect for wide spaces and, above all, for those who love spending their time coking. In fact, it presents a wide cooking area, along with a very big hood. Because cooking with friends is always more pleasant. The corner pantry is perfect to store food and utensils. A perfect kitchen for those who love wide spaces and lively colours.

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